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As we approach an era of digitization and moving towards swift, accountable and transparent financial transactions - I take immense pride & pleasure, being the vanguard of this technological revolution happening in the Chit Fund industry. This wouldn’t be possible without the immense contribution and support of all our customers, stakeholders, associates, friends, family, consultants and our dearest employees of MCPL.

We are MCPL, a Chit Fund Organization operating in the states of Tamil Nadu & Kerala, with over three decades of services, successfully transacted over 30000 plus accounts and with a customer base of 7000 and growing, with a vision to churn into a financial hub for the community our branch offices are surrounded with. Our loyal customer and their overwhelming response has been instrumental and encouraging us to branch out across these states steadily and bearing a sustainable positioning. We have set our sight to become the Leading and a Professionally run Chit Fund organization in the upcoming years by way of technological inclusiveness, thorough understanding of the microeconomics and a fabulous team governing our operations.

Over these three decades, MCPL has weathered various economic turmoils, but has stood tall, stable and proud by supporting our loyal members in all facets of their personal and professional development. Our operational eco-system is technically very advanced, interfacing with the latest mobile apps, real time receipts at any hour of the day, user friendly transactional processes from our members end, a dedicated customer service cell etc.

Being a transparent & a customer friendly Chit Fund organization, we have earned the trust of the business and the manufacturing community by being an integral part of their growth and development. We strive our best to address their financial contingencies by facilitating working capital requirement, infrastructure development, capital investments, adding new machinery, seasonal financial injection and supporting in every other business efficiency enhancing needs.

Our forthcoming business model is to concentrate and take the Chit Fund Business to the next level by entering into the Online Space. This move, I hope, will help the millennials to develop ‘Savings’ as a habit, and have Chit Funds as a part of their financial portfolio. This new vertical I believe, will leave footprints in the evolution of this 1000-year-old industry and will encourage the longevity and provide a sustainable future to the ten’s of million Indian small and medium scale industry and households who are dependent on the Chit Funds as the medium of financial transactions.

Our journey continues, as we put to use the key indicators to measure and closely monitor our performance consistently, ensuring our strides are well placed and our social impact of all of those we serve. ‘Doing well by doing good’ - empowers us to secure a better world for all of us today, and for the generations to come.

Lastly, I would like to express my sincerest gratitude and thank all of you associated with MCPL for your continued support. Your trust and confidence over all these years inspire us to further our efficiency in the business to serve you better. While we are proud of what we have accomplished so far, we also know that there is still a lot more to be learned and done.

Marching Towards a Financially Inclusive India…

Yours Sincerely,

Prakash Jacob Maliyil,

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